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Harbour Ridge Country Club Features Healthy Living at Its Best

Our waterfront clubhouse is the heart of our community; where golfers and tennis players mingle with yachters and nature enthusiasts to create a buzzing, active neighborhood of residents, each one of whom is proud to call Harbour Ridge home. Sports and cards, activities and events, and a shared love for our Club brings members together and gives us a unique appeal. Living in harmony with nature inspires a spirit of peace and respect for their fellow residents, making Harbour Ridge a place of beauty, friendship and joy.


Like the birds in their nests or the bees in their hives, the residents of Harbour Ridge are an energetic and engaging group, and they’re forever busying ourselves with a variety of diverse interests and activities. No matter what your hobby or interest, there’s a club for you at Harbour Ridge.

Endless Events

The members of Harbour Ridge are a playful and fun-loving bunch and the event calendar reflects that fact. There are always good times at the waterfront bar, a variety of bridge games taking place, Mah Jongg being played or a bocce game going on under the night lights or great conversations by the fire pit at Harbour Ridge.

"I just spent the afternoon at the Lakeside Center – It was Heaven!"