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Something for Everyone

Club Activities

Harbour Ridge is a community where golfers and tennis players mingle with boaters and nature enthusiasts to create a buzzing, active community of residents, each of whom is proud to call Harbour Ridge home. Sports and cards, club activities and special events bring members together and give Harbour Ridge its unique appeal. Explore more of our Club Amenities here.

Social Events

Fun with your Friends

What really makes Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club special is the connection members have with each other, a connection built on a philosophy of respect and enthusiasm for life. New members are easily welcomed to this friendly, caring community and are quickly swept away by the dazzling array of social events offered at the Club. From golf, tennis and Yacht Club events to cards, dining, dancing, clubs and entertainment, there is something for everyone at Harbour Ridge.

Club Activities – Social Events


Get Creative

Artisans is for individuals who enjoy both the appreciation and the practice of fine art. The club meets each month and members share their love of art in an inviting exchange of ideas, favorite pieces and travels to nearby museums and galleries.

Club Activities – Artisans Unlimited


Find Those in Flight in an Audubon Certified Setting

The Birders at Harbour Ridge are a uniquely fortunate group. Honored by Audubon International as a Certified Cooperative Sanctuary, the landscape here of wetlands, marshes, woods and the St. Lucie River estuary attracts many species of birds. This diverse estuarine environment provides our Birders with the closest thing to actually living in a nature preserve.

Club Activities – Birders


Bowl and Toss with Friends

The Italian tradition of Bocce is alive and well at Harbour Ridge. All levels of players are welcome to join in the fun.

Club Activities – Bocce

Book Clubs

Dickens & Shakespeare Live Here too!

Harbour Ridge has several active book clubs; each with distinctly different disciplines. One club encompasses contemporary fiction and biographies. The other is dedicated to more classical literature, including Twain, Dickens, Chaucer and Shakespeare to name a few. Groups meet on a regular basis and find research and discussion sessions a great bonding experience. There are several less formal, smaller book clubs that are held in members' homes.

Club Activities – Book Clubs


Whatever your game, we have it

Bridge has its own clubs and monthly tournaments that keep Harbour Ridge members intellectually engaged and challenged. Whether it's duplicate, couples or social bridge, you'll find a game that fits your needs. Harbour Ridge members enjoy many other card games as well, including poker, canasta and gin rummy.

Club Activities – Cards


Inspire Through Music

The Chorale at Harbour Ridge meets each week to sing a wide range of songs from classics to contemporary. Their annual performances for the membership are eagerly anticipated each year.

Club Activities – Chorale

Foreign Policy Group

Discuss, debate and learn

Our Foreign Policy Group is a non-partisan, independent and non-governmental body of members of Harbour Ridge who meet regularly to discuss, debate and learn about current foreign policy issues. The group has chosen "The Great Discussions" as its program of choice. The Foreign Policy Association is a non-profit educational organization of national scope.

Club Activities – Foreign Policy Group

Grandma's Closet

Volunteer to Help Make Memories

Grandma's Closet is the perfect example of how this community comes together to support its members and help them share their love of Harbour Ridge with their friends and family. This club is a member-run volunteer service that equips members for visits with grandchildren. Inventory includes everything from porta-cribs to high chairs, strollers, gates, toys, bicycles and more.

Club Activities – Grandmother’s Closet

Kayak Club

Set your course and paddle to your oasis

Come experience the beautiful North Fork of the St. Lucie River. Enjoy an incomparable, picturesque ride while getting some great exercise. This is an opportunity to explore wildlife on the river including manatees, dolphins and osprey.

Club Activities – Kayak Club

Mah Jongg

Draw a tile, play a tile

This already popular game is more popular than ever at Harbour Ridge. Lessons are available for beginners and weekly games spark lively conversation and friendly competition among Harbour Ridge members.

Club Activities – Mah Jongg


Community Leaders Delivered to You

The Odyssey program at Harbour Ridge brings the outside world in by introducing our members to speakers from all walks of life about a myriad of subjects. We include current affairs, art history, performances by local musical talent and other timely and controversial topics. Often our speakers are members or friends of members.

Club Activities – Odyssey

Puppy Park

Playtime for Your Puppy and You

Each day our owners gather together to exercise their pets and allow them to have a happy social experience. Harbour Ridge has no limit on the size of "puppy" you may have in the community, another reason for our pet-friendly members to be happy.

Club Activities – Puppy Park


Arts & Crafts Unlike Any Other

Whether you love doing needlepoint, crochet, cross-stitch or knitting, you'll find this weekly group entertaining and fun. Skill levels range from beginner to advanced. Instruction is available and the lively conversation makes the time fly as fast as your needle!

Club Activities – Stitchery

Yacht Club

Set Sail

It's hard to say where Yacht Club members have more fun, on or off the water. The calendar of events for the Harbour Ridge Yacht Club is filled with day and evening cruises, the annual fishing contest, world class trips and formal events, "docktail" parties, and the Commodore's Ball. It's the perfect place to meet and mingle with other boating enthusiasts, or to simply spend more time doing what you love.

Club Activities – Yacht Club

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