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The Harbour Ridge Family Foundation

The Harbour Ridge Family Foundation was established in 2013 to provide direct benefits to our dedicated employees and independent contractor staff. The objective is to take care of those who take care of us. Our Members’ generosity and charitable hearts continue to be the key to success of the Foundation’s efforts. We share common questions and answers below to provide more information.

The only philanthropic organization created by members and supported by members of Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club, the Harbour Ridge Family Foundation was created to assist and encourage Harbour Ridge employees and their families to achieve their educational goals.
  • Founded in 2013, the Foundation is an IRS 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of Florida which provides grants for educational scholarships to Harbour Ridge employees, independent contractors and their families, acknowledging their strong ties to our community. In 2022 the mission was expanded to include emergency assistance as well. The grants are given as a gift and do not need to be repaid.
  • The Foundation was primarily established, but is not limited to, providing need-based scholarships to employees their spouses, their children and grandchildren, as well as independent contractors.
  • Grants are awarded for all levels of education, including primary, secondary, GED, English as a second language, college, university, tech schools, professional training, certifications, licensing and post graduate education.
  • When the Foundation expanded its service in 2022 and created an emergency assistance program for our staff and their immediate families in need, our first recipients under this new program were the three Ukrainian employees who needed assistance resettling their families in the United States after Russian troops invaded their homeland.
  • While employee morale and retention at Harbour Ridge are quite positive, through the Foundation we have the opportunity to enhance the lives of our staff and further improve their morale in ways that go beyond issues of compensation.
  • A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from Florida's Division of Consumer Services by calling (800) 435-7352 within Florida or by visiting The Foundation's registration number is CH66939.
As of August 1, 2022, the Foundation has raised over $600,000 for both educational and emergency programs, of which 271 educational grants have been funded to 77 individuals connected with 11 different departments. (Golf, Housekeeping/Maintenance, Administration, Grounds, Golf Course, Food & Beverage, Real Estate, Lakeside, Accounting, Human Relations, and Security). Grants for emergency assistance were made to all three Ukrainian employees as well.
Individuals who wish to apply for a scholarship or emergency assistance receive applications from the Human Resources Department of Harbour Ridge. Applications for educational assistance are accepted each calendar term of the educational institution identified by the individual. The Foundation accepts applications to help pay for the student’s tuition, fees and books at the accredited school, college or university of their choice, in Florida or out of state.
  • The Foundation has developed guidelines for the applications which detail the qualifications the applicant (and his or her sponsor if the applicant is a family member) must meet in order to qualify for the grant. The applications are submitted to the Grant Committee of the Foundation for evaluation and recommendation as to the amount of money that will be granted.
  • The size and number of grants awarded each semester are determined by the amount of money available in the Foundation and what would constitute a meaningful level of assistance to the student.
  • All grants must be approved by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.
Most of the donations to date have come from the incredible and generous members of Harbour Ridge. Donations have also been accepted from senior staff and people outside our gates who have a personal or business relationship with Harbour Ridge. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.
No, all grants are gifts from the Foundation and do not need to be repaid.
Yes, Harbour Ridge employee Laurie Snyder, who is an administrative assistant in the Property Maintenance Division, recently sent a letter of thanks to the Foundation for providing four years of college scholarships to her daughter, Rachel, a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida. Rachel also sent a letter of thanks. Please see the letters and a photograph of Rachel on this page.
Absolutely. Members may designate their donation to the Foundation as a memorial to someone or in honor of someone. Rather than a plaque on a tree or a bench, grants provided by the Harbour Ridge Family Foundation will continue to provide a positive impact for generations to come.
As of November 2021, the following Harbour Ridge members serve on the HRFF Board of Directors: Paula Beaudoin, Andrew Harris, Kathleen Powell, Doug Sages and Rita May Wright. Officers of the Board are Rita May Wright, president; Doug Sages, treasurer; Lynn Brennan, secretary; Michael Salerno, assistant secretary, and Jeff Belau, assistant treasurer. Phil Hinderaker is grant committee chairman, with Wendy Hilboldt, Ramona Holmes and Dr. Greg Warner serving on the grant committee. Jackie Slatkow is chairing the communications committee with Ramona Holmes, Kathy Alperin and Judy Zanchi serving on that committee as well. In addition, Patricia Imperiale and Kelly Solar are co-chairing the new HRFF Ambassador program.

The Harbour Ridge Family Foundation wants to thank the members of Harbour Ridge for their generous donations over the years to help our employees and their families, and we encourage our new members to please consider making a donation to the Foundation in the near future.

To make a donation to the Foundation or for more information, please contact our President, Rita May Wright.
(772) 336-0594

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