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It wasn’t until she moved to Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club that Lois Fraser bought her first “real” camera. Mrs. Fraser became a photographer as a way to look deeper into the world around her and share that sense of discovery with others. Most of what she has learned is through her involvement with the Harbour Ridge Birding Society, which she is now the president of, doing a lot of reading about nature, and she also started a nature blog (Nature Notes) to share her discoveries. She is even on her way to becoming a Florida Master Naturalist too.

Her photography really gives you a sense of the diversity of wildlife and how they have made their home at Harbour Ridge and their daily lives as “Members.” You can see the cranes pecking for worms on the fairways, otters have a casual conversation in the pickerelweed, and black skimmers doing aerial gymnastic-like moves as they skim for fish.

photography collage of a sandhill crane pair, two otters, and a black skimmer bird

“Looking through the lens of my camera helped me discover the diversity of wildlife here at Harbour Ridge. That made me curious about each of the species I was photographing, as well as the habitats that support them,” says Mrs. Fraser on photographing around the community.

Although the birds in her backyard were one of her initial inspirations to pick up a camera, Mrs. Fraser’s photography also ranges from all types of wildlife from a peninsula cooter turtle making its way to another pond to a dragonfly resting on a branch to anoles “doing the dewlap.”

collage of photography of a turtle, dragonfly, and lizard

Size does not matter either as she has also focused on the local osprey at the top of the food chain all the way down to a sweat bee pollinating the flowers in her yard…There is nothing that she doesn’t capture!

photography collage of two opsrey and a sweat bee on a flower

“I feel fortunate every day to live in a place where I can drive around in my golf cart and find so many interesting things to photograph. Nature at Harbour Ridge is beautiful at first glance, but when you start looking more closely, it’s truly amazing!” says Mrs. Fraser.

It’s no secret that Harbour Ridge is home to nature enthusiasts. With two miles of waterfront and 885 acres of unspoiled beauty, this Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary-certified community offers a level of privacy and a connection with nature that is unmatched. There are many different ways the residents interact with the natural surroundings, but Lois Fraser enjoys using the lens of her camera to view, capture and learn more about her community’s natural beauty.