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What is drawing folks to Harbour Ridge? It is a nice private community, but there are plenty of nice private communities. It does have an exclusive location by the waterfront, but all kinds of communities have exclusive locations. (Well, maybe not by the St. Lucie River, and certainly not with waterfront activities like this!). It does have a slow-paced, small-town way of life without the social politics of most places. It’s the kind of place where ‘fine attire’ can and does mean sandals. It’s the kind of club where a board meeting takes place out on the St. Lucie River with a few friends and some paddleboards. It’s the kind of place where spectators for rounds of golf include bobcats, herons, egrets. There’s something special about this Club, and people know it as soon as they arrive.

Plenty of clubs offer proximity to a natural landscape, but residents can pick up on the fact that Harbour Ridge can be a little wild. When you live right next to the St. Lucie River, you tend to see a lot of animals. Harbour RidgeAnimal lovers head to the Rookery Tree to watch rare species of birds flock together. The diversity of species around the club is so immense that some ecologists use it as a measuring stick for the health of the ecosystem. With Harbour Ridge having worked hard to earn its Outstanding Community Award from Audubon International, the numbers always turn out great. Even if residents just sit on the side of the docks and watch the water flow by, they’re sure to catch sight of fish, wading birds, even river otters. Residents are encouraged to take pictures of the animals that they spot around the area and share them among friends and neighbors. Odds are that the cattle egrets that you’ve spotted in your backyard are the same ones that flew through your friend’s yard roughly a week ago. This is not to ignore the beauty of the surrounding landscape-people will travel thousands of miles to catch a glimpse of the area. Residents wake up and live beside the sparse beauty of the Florida scrub, the picturesque quality of the mangrove trails spiraling through the St. Lucie River, and the drama of a sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

As soon as they step onto the golf courses, or take their boat out on the water, or catch the birds at the Rookery Tree, they realize how Harbour Ridge got its Outstanding Community Award from Audubon International. Especially when they step onto the courses. Whether players pick Golden Marsh or River Ridge, they’re playing against a course that naturally incorporates elements from the surrounding area-the waterfront in River Ridge, the marsh in Golden Marsh. When they’re not navigating around the course’s hazards, they’re watching for wildlife. Sharp eyed players might catch animals such as bobcats or blue crabs on the edges of the courses. It makes sense that the animals would like the courses as much as the players do. It stands that they would do so when both courses are Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries. Harbour Ridge worked to ensure that their courses would live side by side with nature, creating a win-win for us and for players: Harbour Ridge gets to create a beautiful course naturally, and players get a golf experience that no other club can offer. It’s not just the courses that are amazing-Harbour Ridge equips players with the golf resources that they need. Teaching Professionals are on-site to answer every question about the sport, from playing against a draft to finding a club that fits. Dedicated to improving residents’ games, players can schedule with them for classes as well.

The country club establishment plays many roles for many different people. For some, it’s a place to make business connections to further your career. For others, it’s a great place to make new friends, or to elevate social status by flaunting an exclusive membership. It’s why many clubs work on creating a social element to their club by offering attractions that would draw in members. In a unique way, the type of people that come to the club set the atmosphere for the club, which works on drawing in a certain type of person. It’s that reason that Harbour Ridge’s social scene is great. Here is where residents tend to kick back and relax in a completely different way. Living near the St. Lucie River tends to do that to you. Far from Palm Beach in more ways than one, Harbour Ridge is where formality drops by the waterfront as soon as you set off on a paddleboard with a friend, or when you celebrate your big win in a fishing tournament. Formality becomes optional when you take friends out on the club’s pontoon boat or drive them around the mangrove trails that run throughout the St. Lucie River-your backyard- and show them a little bit of what life is like here. Officialism becomes optional when you get to know your neighbors at a yoga class at the Fitness Centers, or when you meet up at the dog park to take your pets outside. Plenty of clubs offer glitzy events or bonus perks to go with an upscale lifestyle. Harbour Ridge has all of that, but it doesn’t feel the need to brag about it. It’s more than happy to let you find out for yourself.

When people first arrive to Harbour Ridge, they’re often surprised by how relaxed that the lifestyle is. Sure, they imagined that it would be good, but they didn’t think it would be this good. It’s hard to be upset when you can have everything taken care of for you, from catering large events to finding someone to help you with a particular service. They knew that there would be wildlife, but they never would have believed that it would be so close. Sure, they knew that they would enjoy themselves, but they’ve never experienced anything like this. Many different things draw residents to private clubs. They like the ranking that it gives them, or the benefits that they get with a membership, or they want to be around people who are similar to them. Harbour Ridge has all of these, but it also possesses a sort of presence that comes with its status. It has a lineage that comes with being one of the first private waterfront golf communities in the area, and a composure from knowing that they offer not just perks, but a truly immersive lifestyle.

Harbour Ridge is one of Florida’s premier private waterfront golf communities. Its waterfront location on the St. Lucie River makes it the perfect place to live, and members and residents alike enjoy the well-rounded Florida lifestyle that it offers.

Harbour Ridge is the best of the best. The two championship golf courses wind along the river with beautiful views throughout the entire courses. Residents can entertain themselves at the new Lakeside Fitness Center or explore the surrounding area with kayaks and boat rentals from the on-site Marina. An active calendar of events informs residents of the activities that will take place in the neighborhood, and consists of everything from sporting events to dinners and social gatherings.

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