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Evolution of an Individual Sport

Traditionally, golf has always been played as an individual sport. The independent nature of this game has historically driven athletes to compete by themselves. Players who golf individually are scored on their performance alone, their score and rank do not rely on any other golfer. Many professional golfers have reached mass success by playing independently. Even though the customs of this sport appear to be deeply rooted in tradition, the game of golf has begun to evolve. Discovering that they enjoy the sense of comradery and fellowship when playing on a team, golfers are choosing to compete in teams rather than by themselves. There is a strong sense of unity and collaboration when playing on a team, and players are starting to find this mentality refreshing. Golfing on a team also creates a more easygoing and leisurely atmosphere to enjoy with their friends and families.

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Rise of Team-Based Tournaments

Rapidly gaining popularity, team-based tournaments are often differentiated by the number of golfers on a team. Teams can be divided a multitude of ways: pairs, groups of fours, couples (man and woman), and various other group formats. Upon completing the course or tournament, the team’s scores are calculated by taking the top two individual player scores from each hole and finding the overall average. These team-based tournaments serve as an excellent introduction for amateur golfers wanting to compete. By competing on a team, amateur golfers can learn how a tournament is structured while simultaneously golfing with more experienced players. The PNC Championship is one of many renowned team-based tournaments. Played at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando, 20 Major Champions team up and golf with a family member, usually a child or parent. The championship provides an opportunity for professionals to share part of their lives with their families in a fun, yet competitive setting.

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Community Connections Through Teams

While members enjoy playing golf independently, Harbour Ridge has found that playing on a team is a great way for golfers to connect and engage in the community. The private golf club hosts a myriad of team-based tournaments throughout the year on two USGA recognized, championship golf courses, designed by Pete & P.B. Dye and Joe Lee, and redesigned by Bobby Weed in 2018. Team-based tournaments are held throughout the year, some of which members are encouraged to play alongside a guest. These competitions range anywhere from single-day member-guest tournaments to member-only championship tournaments. A favorite among members is the annual Husband & Wife Championship where couples go head-to-head. In addition to annual team-based tournaments, Harbour Ridge members enjoy weekly tournaments in which different days of the week are designated for ladies, men, and couple’s teams. Regarding this past season, Director of Golf, Joe Beezup, stated that “the increased level of activity on our golf courses hasn’t been seen since the early 2000s.” Because of these team-based tournaments and competitions, the Harbour Ridge golf community is thriving and has never been more connected.

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Become a Member

Whether it’s on a team or individual play, Harbour Ridge is the ideal place to spend sunny summer days on the green! Perfectly designed for viewing the panoramic vistas of the St. Lucie River, the 45,000 square foot Clubhouse is the heart and social epicenter of Harbour Ridge. Residents can also entertain themselves at the Lakeside Lifestyle Center. The state-of-the-art complex features signature spa services, a full-service salon, barbershop, physical therapy, a fitness pool with lap swimming, a spacious fitness center, and a tennis facility with nine Har-Tru tennis courts. An active calendar of events informs resident members of the activities available throughout the community. These events range from fishing and golf tournaments to waterfront dinners and multiple shared interest clubs that enjoy birding, cycling, tennis, and more!

Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club is the premier private waterfront and golf community on Southeast Florida’s Treasure Coast. The “Private by Nature” waterfront location on the St. Lucie River makes for the perfect place to live. To learn more about the unique private club lifestyle offered at Harbour Ridge and the wide variety of residential real estate offerings available, CLICK HERE. We will email you a digital brochure that highlights the amenities and lifestyle of our waterfront community. For more information, contact our Membership Department at (772)873-6013.