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Inspiring Fitness Regimes

State-of-The-Art Fitness Center and Classes

Harbour Ridge cares about the well-being of its residents. The Spa, Fitness and Tennis complex is fully-equipped and has a professional and talented group of personal trainers and therapists. Together they bring a comprehensive, quality fitness and wellness program to the residents of Harbour Ridge.

Professional Trainers & Licensed Therapists

The physical therapists at Lakeside provide state-of-the-art, evidence-based physical therapy without needing to leave the community. Whether you are working to recover from an injury or looking to improve your conditioning and flexibility to prevent injury, our team of professionals will offer you a patient-focused, individualized therapy experience.

In addition, having your therapy session in your own fitness center allows you to become comfortable and confident using the equipment. An exercise program will be developed so you can continue on your own to enhance gains achieved in physical therapy.

High Performance Equipment

This 22,000-square foot complex sets the tone that will immediately release tension and motivate action. Our group exercise program touches on various disciplines of fitness, making it a fun option for members of all fitness levels. A full range of cardio and strength equipment including TRX, complemented by aerobics classes, Pilates equipment training, personal training and massage, makes Lakeside the perfect place to begin your journey of health and fitness, or to challenge yourself to become the best you can be.
Fitness High Performance

Yoga, Pilates, Spin… & More!

To keep up with this active membership, it's a good idea to stay in shape. The fitness classes at Harbour Ridge are unique and varied, and offer something for participants of every level. Our fitness staff has designed a series of programs that include such current favorites as Pilates and Interval Training, as well as traditional standards like Yoga, Spin, Water Aerobics and Body Sculpting, making the Lakeside another great place to interact with friends and neighbors. You can count on fun and effective classes where safety is our number one concern.
Fitness Classes

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