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This past October, the Cleveland Clinic and Martin Health Systems announced their agreement to have the Martin Health Systems as a full member of the Cleveland Clinic health system. Martin Health Systems has been recognized in its community for providing care in diverse specialties, ranging from nutrition treatment to stroke care. The health provider has also been known for working to increase its accessibility for residents of the area, such as with the construction of an outpatient medical center on Kanner Highway, or the expansion of the emergency department at Martin Memorial North. From this takeover, the residents of Martin County will receive an exchange of cutting edge information, technology, procedures, and research that will be invested into their overall health.

New Technologies

Martin Health Systems’ takeover by Cleveland Clinic brings the research, quality, and level of care expected from Cleveland Clinic to the shores of South Florida. Patients have had a sample of it earlier this year when Cleveland Clinic and Martin Health Systems entered into a heart and vascular affiliation. This let both health systems share research, information, and protocols with each other. With Cleveland Clinic and Martin Health Systems becoming one, patients will now have access to the most advanced health related technologies and programs.

Same Personalized Care

Cleveland Clinic’s takeover of Martin Health Systems is bringing changes to make patient experiences as quick and as simple as possible. However, there are some features of Martin Health Systems that will remain. Cleveland Clinic recognized the value of the open medical staff model that Martin Health Systems maintains for its medical centers and their patients. With Cleveland Clinic retaining this feature of Martin Health Systems, patients can keep the doctors that they’ve come to know and whom they recognize can treat them best.

This merger has the unique facet of benefitting everyone. Before Martin Health Systems was a part of Cleveland Clinic, patients would have to travel extensive distances to access the Cleveland Clinic’s level of medical technology and information. Now patients can have access to some of the most developed technology and information within the medical industry while being only a few minute’s drive from anywhere within Martin County. With the Cleveland Clinic’s emphasis on access and Martin Health System’s prevalence within the community, residents can take care of their health in a simple and intuitive way that leaves them time to enjoy the best of life’s offerings.

Now located just minutes away from some of the best healthcare in the world, Harbour Ridge residents will enjoy even more benefits of living at one of Florida’s premier private waterfront golf communities. Its waterfront location on the St. Lucie River makes it the perfect place to live, and members and residents alike enjoy the well-rounded Florida lifestyle that it offers.

Harbour Ridge’s two championship golf courses wind along the river with beautiful views throughout the entire courses. Residents can entertain themselves at the new Lakeside Fitness Center. They’ll work on a private routine, get a personalized experience with a private trainer, or work out with friends at an exercise class. The denizens of Harbour Ridge often explore the surrounding area with kayaks and boat rentals from the on-site Marina. Many a family has spent the afternoon sighting wildlife along the waterfront from a kayak, or enjoying paddleboard races against each other. An active calendar of events informs residents of the activities that will take place in the neighborhood, and consists of everything from sporting events to dinners and social gatherings.

To learn more about the unique Florida lifestyle offered at Harbour Ridge and the wide variety of residential real estate offerings available, CLICK HERE. We will email you a digital brochure that highlights the amenities and lifestyle of our waterfront community.