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What are those odds? 67 Million To 1 to be exact.

The average American golfer makes a hole-in-one once every 12,000 rounds. On Saturday, May 8, Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club member Patsy Harris, defeated those odds by a long shot.

Patsy, a member at Harbour Ridge since 2014, decided to start her day off with a final 18-hole round of golf for the 2021 season. Little did she know it would end in 67 million to 1 odds! She teed off the River Ridge #10 at 8:16 a.m. and just under an hour later, using a 5 hybrid from 105 yards, she made her second-ever hole-in-one on hole #14. Once Patsy got to the 7th hole at 11:35 a.m., she thought it best to use her 6 hybrid from 102 yards. She swings, she…SINKS IT! Incredibly, she successfully sunk her second (and third-ever) hole-in-one; same round, same course, same day!

harbour ridge member woman holding golf ball at hole and smiling at first hole-in-one
harbour ridge member woman holding golf ball at hole and smiling at second hole-in-one

Patsy, who calls herself a “bogey” golfer with a handicap of 19, said, “I am always just happy to clear the hazards and get the ball on the green; none of our Par 3s are easy!” My golf group, ‘The Queen of the Greens’, was so excited after the first hole-in-one — high fiving and taking photos. “After the second, I was in shock!” Members of her foursome that day included Jill Kelly, Barbara Alesi, and Elaine McCusker.

Patsy also said she and her husband Andy are a golfing family. They have been playing golf together for nearly 50 years. Their two sons, David and Daniel, are single-digit golfers who have a total of 3-hole-in-ones between them (GO, MOM!). She’s proud to now have passed their love for golf down to their four grandsons, ages 13, 10, 9, and 6. The 13-year-old is already on track to catch up with Grandma with his first hole-in-one this past November. “Golfing is a passion for me—I love it in all its forms, and I am still working on my game.”

The Pete and P.B. Dye designed River Ridge course has hosted numerous qualifying rounds for USGA championships, including the U.S. Open. The River Ridge course boasts one of the highest slope ratings in all of Florida, and can be played from any of five sets of tees to accommodate all handicap levels. Click HERE to take an interactive course tour.

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