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If you are searching for the big game and your personal best catch, then Florida’s Treasure Coast is your ideal fishing location. Loaded with massive grouper, snook, snapper, wahoo and sailfish, the crystal blue waters off the shore of the Treasure Coast are just waiting for your next adventure. We have narrowed down a few of the area’s tops spots to guarantee your next cast is your biggest and best yet:

4. Sailfish Point
The North side of the Saint Lucie Inlet is an area known as Sailfish Point. The Sailfish Point area provides an excellent fishing spot, primarily for Snook between the months of April and September. Use caution when boating in this area as it’s a maze of shallows that can ground your boat in the blink of an eye but when you find that sweet spot, the fish will come biting in droves.

3. Hells Gate
The name is much more intimidating than the location. It’s actually very peaceful. Getting there is also fairly easy. As you round the Southernmost tip of Sewalls point, and start heading North up the Saint Lucie River, the narrowest point (about 1/2 a mile North West of the point) is an area known as Hells Gate. It provides some excellent year round fishing. While you’ll find the docks an excellent place for Snook year round, the Channel side provides a solid fishery for Ladyfish and Bluefish from December to March.

2. Bessie Cove
Just South of the Stuart Causeway, on the East Side of the River, you’ll find the Bessie Cove area. All along the area is a large grass flats area, as well as a large number of docks. The grass flat, as well as the other flats areas in the river, is a good spot for catching some Seatrout from November to April, while the docks can be a good place to find Redfish and Snook. The Redfish bite is good from November to March, while the Snook bite is best between April to October.

1. Harbour Ridge
Topping the list is Harbour Ridge This unique community located on the wide water of the North Fork of the St. Lucie River is a local fishing haven. The estuary shoreline is a haven for anglers, as the river is teeming with redfish, snook, tarpon and trout. Of course, deep sea sportsmen cherish the open ocean and the waters off Stuart, known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World.”

Unique to this list, and many other communities in the area, Harbour Ridge boasts its very own marina, allowing residents to easily access their boat and the local waterways. Harbour Ridge is home to three private marinas with a combined 98 slips, ranging in size from 24 to 60 feet. The Marina’s friendly and knowledgeable staff is on hand to guide and the active yachting and sailing neighbors will delight you with parties, events and stories of “the one that got away.”

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