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If you visit Florida beaches between May and October, you might notice that it’s darker at night compared to when you last visited. This is a good thing for the sea turtles that call this place home. All indoor and outdoor lights visible from the beaches are required to be turned off or repositioned at night for sea turtle nesting during this time of the year.

Seeing sea turtles lay their eggs should be on your bucket list, and Hutchinson Island on the Treasure Coast is the perfect place to witness this truly amazing experience. Residents at Harbour Ridge are lucky enough to share this home with these incredible animals.

Loggerhead, Green and Leatherback sea turtles are three of the many species of turtles that nest right here on the beaches of Hutchinson Island. If you take a walk on the beach, sometimes you can even see more than one in a single night! Here are a couple places you should check out at nighttime for sea turtle nesting. First things first, always be respectful of the turtles and never disturb them, touch them or shine lights at them.

Fletcher Beach

Located just south of Stuart Beach, this local beach spot is perfect for sea turtles to nest their eggs. Take a quiet walk down the shoreline and look for turtles or their tracks in the sand. Remember not to disrupt the sea turtle or use flashlights on the beach; the moon can guide your way to finding these special creatures.

Waveland Beach

Just north of Jensen Beach, Waveland is a tourist favorite with plenty of beach for everyone, including the sea turtles. Here you’ll find seemingly endless amounts of marked nests with wooden stakes and orange tape. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the Sea Turtles laws in here Florida. Leave only footprints and bring home only memories of your experience.

Florida Oceanographic Center

If you would like to learn from the experts The Florida Oceanographic Society’s nighttime sea turtle program is one you may want to check out. This turtle walk is great for all ages to learn about sea turtle biology and conservation. After the presentation, guests can go out on the beach to observe the nesting behavior of a loggerhead sea turtle if nature cooperates. This program will be Monday & Wednesday nights from May 30th- August 1st at 9 pm.

While you’re in town, come visit the Treasure Coast’s hidden gem, Harbour Ridge to see more of nature’s beauty! Located on the shoreline of the St. Lucie River in Palm City, Harbour Ridge is a premier waterfront golf community on the Treasure Coast. With two Audubon certified championship golf courses and a private marina, and nature trails with a plethora of species, there is always something to do in this unique community.

The opportunities are endless with the world-class amenities and the perfect South Florida location. And you’re just minutes from all of the fun and events in the area. Request a free digital brochure today to learn more about the community and the Florida lifestyle it offers.