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The three principles of tennis success are consistency, placement and then power. Too often the amateur or the recreational player will equate a successful shot with a powerful shot. But at the end of the day the player that wins the Grand Slams is the player that puts the more balls over the net in the box. Here are a few tips to get your game ready for center court:

Keep it Simple – Slow down. The best players in any sport will tell you that they see the game in slow motion. Keeping your focus and your breathing steady will allow you to let that muscle memory take care of the action while pick and place your best shots!

Perfect the Basics – There is no doubt that practice can be boring but there isn’t a better way to sharpen your skills. By perfecting the basic movements of your forehand and backhand, you will set yourself up for a more consistent performance. After a few sets of consistent tennis, your comfort level will begin to rise and your confidence will allow you to expand your game tremendously.

Work Outside the Lines – Getting into the gym and working on your fitness will allow you to practice more and perform your best late in matches when the pressure is on. However, because so much of tennis is speed and flexibility, bogging yourself down with heavy weights is not the answer. Instead, focus on yoga, hyperextension and core workouts to strengthen the muscles and allow you to keep you light on your feet.

Join A Club – What better way to enjoy your friends or sharpen your focus than out in the South Florida sun, playing a set of tennis at one of Florida’s premier tennis clubs. These tips will set you down the right path but working with professional trainer and having access to a state—of-the-art fitness facility are key parts to becoming the best tennis player you can be. The sunshine state has plenty of clubs to join but Harbour Ridge on Florida’s Treasure Coast certainly stands above the crowd.

Harbour Ridge boasts tennis facilities that rank second to none; the tennis program is very active, with weekly socials, round robin tournaments, and men’s and women’s tennis team competitions. Social events revolving around tennis are common, and the tennis center is a hub of activity at the Club. The well-appointed tennis complex includes shaded areas between the eight Har-Tru courts and one stadium exhibition, the highest grade of clay court available today.

The Tennis staff at Harbour Ridge brings with them training programs developed by the Peter Burwash International (PBI) training program. PBI has been the leader in professional tennis management since 1975. Residents of Harbour Ridge benefit from PBI training right at our own club, with the help of Harbour Ridge’s highly trained, specialized staff.

Harbour Ridge is much more than just tennis. Yacht Clubs, fishing, fine dining, waterfront living, luxury homes and much more. Discover this unique waterfront community today, click here!